by Furrows

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Recorded over a year and a half at various houses and at Sneaky B Studios in JXN, MS.


released January 25, 2013

Produced, written and played by Furrows
Mixed and Mastered by Casey Combest at Blue Sky Studios




Furrows Jackson, Mississippi

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Track Name: Insider Cider
let's start writing magazines
in a language no one reads
did you hear what the man on the street said
he kept yelling "speech is dead"
save your bread

you've been fumbling with buttons
on a coat that does not fit
oh the insider cider, you should take a drink
before it all ends up spilt

Shake my hand its kind of buzzing
Shake my head its kind of fuzzy

oh you can't hang your integrity on your wall
to show all your friends
you've always been an impressive sort
with a dressed down common sense

careful with your ideals
they aren't as priceless as you'd think
even the best kind of captain
can cause this boat to sink


don't get caught in the scene
the scene of the crime
the crime of the century
someone cue my lines
oh cue my lines

make us a novel
a movie of the week
lifestyles of the wrecked and desperate
working title like schoolgirls in heat

Track Name: Radio
I spent years being pissed off
guess its my turn to be pissed on
won't you play me on your radio
play me on your headphones

but i doubt it
hey, i doubt it

wearing holes in my converse
circumnavigating logic
trying to say what you want to hear
trying hard just to fall in line

let's all buy in
let's all buy in
hey, let's all buy in

you wear your references like armor
your disdain is a pack of smokes
killing rock n roll with your pen
hell, your favorite bands don't even exist

let's all buy it
let's all buy it
hey, let's all buy it
Track Name: Grandfathered In
Grandfathered in
Grandfathered out
Give it twenty years and no one's gonna care what we were talking about

Mechanical Failure
Some chords and some words
The clock on the wall has been keeping score

There's a party after the show
What will be said if we don't go
Rock n Roll will never fade away
As long as the kids have something to say

The crows started singing
Writing their songs
Leaving traces of stories from my face to the floor

Ragged and ripped-off
Worn down from the ride
Trying to sell what no one's even buying
Track Name: Seven
Bite your tongue
We're strung along
They love you best when you're a mess
baby come on
They love you more when you're a whore
so come on

Along for the ride
You never knew, in your youth, the driver was blind
You never knew, in your youth, the driver was blind


Been shivering for weeks now trying to shrug off the tease
But its better than keeping company with a bevy of thieves
Its better than keeping company with a bevy of thieves

Flares and Guns
Sulphur in each one
Choking on the soiled bone, so come on
Choking down the last round, baby come on


Been shrugging for weeks now trying to shake off the tease
but its better than keeping company with a bevy of thieves
its better than keeping company with a bevy of thieves

Oh so clean
Swallow it down, its part of the scene, baby come on
Swallow it down, its part of the scene, baby come on
Track Name: I Build Houses
I build houses
I don't build no roof
I spend all day face up begging reproof
I bash my fingers like ten penny nails
You know it don't hurt no more
And I'm no longer frail

Cause I build what keeps the world out
but allows the heavens in
Like sheets lying still
that never fit the bed
never fit the bed
never fit the bed

I build houses
I don't build no roof
I spend all night face up begging reproof
If you ask the right questions you'll never be wrong
If you keep the wrong company you'll never be alone
Track Name: Art Song
You've got a way of
showing what you're made of
in time everyone will see

it wasn't a lack of try
it was quite simply the times
that rubbed you raw

exposed on the wall
you'll never crawl back to the place
that you left so long ago

you'd throw up your fists
if you could just keep them still
there is no theme song

swallow it down just to toss it right back up
you never told anyone who you were
no orchestral sway
no conductor leading you one way
doubt never felt so lovely or so pure
Down Down Down
follow us on down
at least on the bottom you can rest your head
Track Name: Salting A Wound
Oh sweet rock n roll
You used to know how it felt to be me

You, you're like a running start
Just a little spark
something I once had

I'm so tired of people sitting in this room
They're like salting a wound
A fucking pat on the back

Noise, its just a little buzz
Feedback comes in waves
C'mon, C'mon and give me cause

Waving like mad
Bashing my fingers in
wondering where this whole thing started
Wondering where it all will end

Say, do you know my name
Do you play me songs so loud that your ears begin to bleed

Stay, stay away from me
and don't feed me lines about a passing prime

One day I'm gonna burn this whole place down
and we will dance and scream
and wipe ashes on our jeans

Sing, sing until it hurts
it will splinter walls
cause the fakers to run

Track Name: Tape-Hiss Afternoon
I tried to call you this morning but you probably didn't hear
Honey, they're tired of you
You lived so long in the gray space that they sold you in black and white
now you can't even afford to read the reviews

here's the news
its called being used
here's the truth
its called the blues

you were a tape hiss afternoon
those blankets have become your cocoon
i wish you would open up your blinds
you were the one
who always jumped the gun
you know we weren't the waiting kind
no we weren't the waiting kind

I took the medals from your desk, the ones you won't miss
It was the only thing left to save
Left a cigarette burning on the table by the door as I left
Here's to hoping you just don't wake up
Track Name: Briers
With these hands, I will change who I am
With this voice, I will strike them all down
This world is grown over in briars
Blown speakers and burned out wires

They had it wrong when they tried to change the world
How can anyone fix others when who they are keep comes coming unfurled
Weep weep for passing youth and don't expect them to tell the truth

Are they coming are they coming for me
Gonna lift me in arms so high, you'll see
With horns blasting in song
voices so loud and so wrong
They'll carry me to the sea and let me go
I won't come home

And once I drowned in the streamers and fair
No worries and no bullshit cares
To the noise we all played along like children who knew no wrong
Innocent and tender like the way we used to be