by Furrows

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Recorded over several months in several different houses and bedrooms by the band. It's a debut album that showcases all the styles of music and influences that Furrows uses and pulls from. With this one just freshly out, the band has a tentative release date on number 2 for late summer.


released March 15, 2010

Furrows is:
Tyler Kemp
Cody Cox
Jason Daniel
Tony Abercrombie
John McNaughton



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Furrows Jackson, Mississippi

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Track Name: Sweet Anathesia
Sweet anathesia, come rest your head by mine
And whisper to me with a headful of happier times
I'll buy you a drink if you you whisper in my ear
Just promise me that I won't wake up 'til sometime next year

With the clanging of hammers and the snapping of necks
This ferryman will leave town
Empty-handed, bartered souls and a crooked brow

Tattered gown off your shoulder, you bring the sapphire rain
And my eyes fill with shadows even during a day
I've seen many a strong man crawl back inside your womb
With your eyes filled with broken clocks and your lungs that are laced with tombs
Track Name: Drag Your Knees
If I was a weaker man I'd write a song for you
If I was a wicked man I'd be a little more like you

Drag your knees Until the soul comes out your shoes

If I heard one thing that sounded fair then I'd sound the alarm
If I got what I deserve then babe, you're bound to do harm

Drag your knees Until your soul is wrapped up in your arms
Track Name: Ambulance
The words spilled out like blood to the ground and you came too without a sound
With your arms folded, you surveyed the scene; the chalkdust mimes lay at your feet
The ambulance swayed in the time of a waltz and the crowd got bored and started to talk
You opened the door, the one on your side, and offered those people a safe homeward ride

Today you turned jaded to those that sing
And you barely blink at what this time will bring
If silence is golden and these songs are lead
Then loop my last weary words over my head

So come all you sinners, you sages and pure!
Put your hands to your face and rise from the floor
Admist the dirt and dirge, you let the bandages fly
Stand on your feet, you're not done dying...
Track Name: If I Was A Knight
If I was a knight, I'd come in the night
And sneak in your window so low
If I was a sailor, a captain of sorts
I wouldn't throw you overboard
If I was a pilot, not the one from the bible
I would let you fly my plane
If I was a teacher of medeival something
You'd always get an A

Its a fairy tale I know with a happy ending too
But pages turn so slow, I guess I'd rather watch TV with you

If I was your diary hidden away
I wouldn't let you secret out
If I was your voice, so sacchrine sweet
I wouldn't run away when you shout
If I was your bookshelf against your wall
I'd hold all the books that you love
If I was a scarf, a gift from your mother
I'd always be friends with your gloves
Track Name: Match Gone Fire
If I'm the building strong and you're the wrecking ball
Then there's no one to blame for where this wreck came from
If I'm a tree grown tall and you're the ax that falls
Then there's no blood on the blade at all

If I'm a funeral pyre and you're the match gone fire
No one bows there head to the things that were
If I'm the winter that's come and you're the chill that's gone
There's no snow left on these bones at all